As Avixa, our human resources policy is to provide employee satisfaction and happiness, to have the employees who have the competence, knowledge and development that will carry our company to the future, have team spirit and to establish systems to serve this purpose.
Our objectives are to place the right people in the right position based on the principle of equality of opportunity, to evaluate employee performances according to objective criteria, to ensure the development of our employees and to provide a result-oriented, initiative-taking team environment with strong communication skills.


All applications received by Avixa are scrutinized and applications suit for the position are included in the recruitment process.

It is possible to be a part of our team We are directing your resume to us by following the open positions of and LinkedIn or by using address.
All the CVs we receive are reviewed and the current CVs in our records are taken into consideration as priority in the periods when the personnel needs.


Internship applications are provided to candidates for at least one month in the summer term.
For internship applications, you can send us your resume by using address.


In determining the salaries of newly hired employees in our company, together with the responsibilities required by the task; competencies, training, experience, responsibilities and market data.
Our fees are reviewed once a year, taking into account the individual performance results and economic data.